The basic principle of Keno is simple. With the help of a Keno ticket you bet that certain numbers will be drawn. The numbers are on Keno balls, which are drawn using a method similar to that of the lottery balls. You wait for the drawing and the announcement of the numbers, and the more of your numbers have been drawn, the greater your profit.

In international games , and therefore often online, there are 80 balls. You can determine yourself how many numbers you bet on. Depending on the rules, the maximum is 15 to 20 numbers per ticket . So many numbers are then drawn.

The different keno tickets

A Keno ticket usually has 8 rows with 10 numbers each . This is because Keno, which originally comes from China, was played with 80 characters. This was eventually replaced by the numbers 1 to 80.

The different Keno tickets do not change the basic principle of the game, they only differ in how they are filled out or how your bet is counted.

Straight ticket

If you pay a single bet for all the numbers you bet, this is called a “straight ticket”. It’s the easiest way to play Keno. In return, you give up all control over your bet and bet the same amount on every number, regardless of the probability that it will be drawn.

The straight ticket is the simplest betting option for beginners , but there are many more options.

Split ticket

Split ticket, or the “split ticket”, is nothing more than the combination of two straight tickets. So you only bet twice on a field with 80 numbers. You decide for yourself which parts of the ticket you apply your bets to. It is important to circle the number fields so that two groups are clearly visible.

Way ticket

The Way Ticket is a very popular variant of Keno betting. Here you can place individual bets on small groups of numbers. For example, if you bet on 8 numbers, you can divide them into different groups, for example 4 groups of 2 numbers, and place a bet on each of these groups.

Combination ticket

A Combination Ticket works like a Way Ticket, except that you bet on all possible number combinations that allow the number of numbers you want to bet on. The groups can be of different sizes.

King Keno tickets

If you circle a single number, it becomes a king. You can only bet on the King, or include the King in other groups of numbers that you are betting on.

An example:

  • 1 and 2 as one group, plus 7
  • 3 and 4 as one group, plus 7
  • 5 and 6 as one group, plus 7
  • A single bet on the 7th

Top and bottom tickets

A top and bottom ticket is when you divide the keno ticket into two groups, numbers 1 to 40 and 41 to 80. You have to limit yourself to one of the two parts of a bet.

If you fill out your keno ticket by hand, you have to indicate this with a T for top or a B for bottom. If 11 or more of the numbers you choose are drawn, you will be paid 2: 1 winnings.

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